Microsoft in talks to buy Mojang, Minecraft Xbox and PC only?

Microsoft is in talks to acquire Minecraft studio Mojang AB for $2 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg. The latter claims that the buy-out was initiated by Markus "Notch" Persson, who will leave the company once the deal is completed - possibly as early as this week.

It's a bit of a shocker, needless to say. Notch has been critical of Microsoft in the past, but has apparently warmed to the company after collaborating to release Minecraft on Xbox 360 and Xbox One. He allegedly reached out to Microsoft "a few months ago", and enjoys a "close relationship" with head of Xbox Phil Spencer. According to one Bloomberg source, Notch will stay on to supervise the transfer of ownership but is "unlikely" to have any involvement beyond that.

Minecraft is now available on PlayStation consoles too, of course. One possible outcome of the acquisition is that Minecraft development will only continue on Xbox platforms and PC, though this would presumably contravene Mojang's agreements with Sony as regards on-going support.

Microsoft may not want to make the game an exclusive, either. Another of Bloomberg's contacts "with knowledge of Microsoft's thinking" suggests that "the company thinks that this kind of product, like its Office productivity software, has to be available with high-quality versions for multiple platforms, including those of its rivals".

Neither Mojang nor Microsoft is available for comment at the time of writing. I'll let you know when I hear more.

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As long as Minecraft is on PC I'm not really bothered since I don't think I could go back to playing Minecraft on a console.


Who can say no to 2 billion? I know I couldn't haha.

You would not have to lift another finger for you or your family for many generations.


Small possibility mojang will go through but kind of a d move to PS4 users.


2 billion Wow that alot of money


Skama If they do purchase it they won't make it Xbox & PC exclusive since they will generate revenue from Playstation. They will most likely release updates, skin packs, texture packs, ect for Xbox first then Playstation later along the line.

They would generate more revenue fro Microsoft because more people would buy xbox because it s minecrafth


2 billion, Jees i would just keep it to everything.


He wants to sell it while its worth the 2 billion dollars. Smart move if it happens.


vWatsonc I have an Xbox and I think it's kinda sh*tty that Microsoft keep on doing this it's just like a spoiled boy in the playground that wants all the toys to himself

Well it is just buisness really i guess playstation would do the same


wow, thats a lot of money :D


Damn that would be crazy if microsoft bought it