PSN resumes normal service, maintenance rescheduled

Following yesterday's distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, Sony said this morning both the PlayStation Network and the Sony Entertainment Network are back online. Users can now resume game downloads, play games online, buy stuff off the PlayStation Store, use apps and all the other PSN services as normal.

Furthermore, the PSN maintenance that was due to take place today is to be rescheduled. The company will announce the new date and time for the maintenance "shortly."

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Dreaam I've just sat and read the twitter of the "hackers" its quite funny.

I do not think so. They are eventually going to be caught and jailed for their actions. They did not JUST hit PSN offline, they stalled one of Sony's Presidents flight via a bomb threat.


Hopefully next time they can try to prevent it. Glad to see there servers are ok.


Glad to see how Well sony is taking care of there stuff.


At least we didn't have to go another day in a row without online :o


vWatsonc Thats good but did this hacker group take money this time or was it just a ddos

No they just took the servers offline, no money or private credentials were stolen.


Thats good but did this hacker group take money this time or was it just a ddos


Well good it wasnt gonna be long.
Great to hear this.


Im glad this only happens now. And I am really glad this dont happen much to Xbox. Although it didnt happen much wne i played ps3.


I was on all day yesterday


It was back on since yesterday around 6:00 pm central time in the U.S