FIFA 15 teaser video released

EA has released a short teaser video for the next instalment in the FIFA series.

Posted on Twitter, the nine second clip shows Liverpool player Luis Suarez taking a shot at goal.

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During E3 2013, EA briefly showed off its new Ignite Engine, which it said would power the next-generation of its sports titles. At the time, the company said Ignite would "blur the line between real and virtual".

A video shown along side the revealed showcased snapshots of FIFA, NFL, NBA and UFC with high-quality visuals. However, it appeared to be pre-rendered CGI, rather than real-time visuals representing actual PS4 and Xbox One games, though EA did not confirm this either way.

During last year's event EA also announced it had entered into a "broad strategic partnership" with Microsoft for titles on the Xbox One, confirming the development of FIFA, NBA Live, Madden NFL and UFC games for the console.

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yous need to remember fifa has an exceptionally high fanbase, yes pes is another existing football game but its never captured die hard fifa fans eyes. Ive been playing fifa since 95/96 and had pes games too but fifa to me has been inspired for years and the way the games plays is better than its competitors. Just see whats in store for us and what they have done better this year :)


never really liked the fifa games


I hope the fifa servers are better


I don't really enjoy playing Fifa, but Fifa 15 looks pretty fun.


I wish they would make sports games like NBA 2K14 where you get your own agent and stuff. That would be cool for games like Madden, FIFA, and MLB.


FaIIen All sports games look the same every single year, don't know how they sell.

Because, their fan base is so loyal from their previous installments. Whatever grabbed their attention has kept it. I feel the same as you considering these games don't appeal to me and don't know why they do to everyone else either xD


Fav These videos always look great, but when the actual game comes out, it's the same as the others.

I've never played any Fifas but I'm thinking it will be different since it's gonna be for next gen.


These videos always look great, but when the actual game comes out, it's the same as the others.


To me, its seems like every Fifa Game is the same. But the fact that it's Next Gen is the only difference i see


It looks real good, but then again so did 14. I wonder if they'll go ahead and add New York City FC or if they'll wait until FIFA 16.

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