Titanfall beta - extended and opened for all

Respawn has opened up their beta for Titanfall to all Xbox One gamers this weekend while also extending it for "at least a day"

Prospective Xbox One players will not need a beta key to download the beta client all you have to do is check the new demos area on your dashboard, the pc version of the beta is set to open "later".

We are going to extend at least a day, to make up for the down time.Vince Zampella

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This game needs to be thrown in the trash It's just not a fun game at all. I'll stick to a more real game like battlefield or cod at least it takes some skill


Literally 4 hours after I got nt key!! Was going to yolo & brag about it but that's what I get for jinxing it :D & :(


im soooo glad they did this for all


I didn't get a beta key so its good they opened it for all


Dont really have a xbox one so i can careless :P


Have to say the game is not as bad as I originally thought and is hands down better than COD Ghosts. The more I played the more it grew on me.

But all these people saying how awesome the graphics are, well need their heads examined. It is nowhere near next gen and is barely last gen.

Yes the Mechs become hectic and a total mess when there are so many on the field of play. But that's the nature of the game I suppose.

And although I was totally against the 6v6 can see why this is the case with the small maps and Huge mechs taking up so much room.

There is a lot that could have been improved and again all the people who are saying game of the year etc. I just say hello Watchdogs, The Division or any other dark horses than may emerge.

But at least it open the door for COD to get their SH1T together as they have dropped the ball.


I really need a code. ;p So yeah.


Could someone plz plz plz send me a titanfall beta code


I had beta codes, I guess I have no use for them now.


great i cant wait to play this seems like a great game!

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