PS4 owner finds PS+ exploit to subscribe until 2035 for free

PS4 users at this time can claim a free 14-day PS+ trial for free from the PSN store and one clever gamer found a exploit that allowed him gain free PS+ membership until the year 2035 for free.

The sly devil who wished to not be named reported this error to a leading gaming news venue early this morning, he described the steps as the following:

1:Navigate to the PS+ tab of the store and click on the Outlast branded 14-day free trial banner.
2:Add your credit card information for renewal purposes.
3:Accept the deal after confirmation keep pressing X for never ending 14 day trials of PS+

Be wary of the endless confirmation emails from telling you about your "0.00" purchase!


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I can confirm that this does not work on any account (new or existing ps plus member). Should have guessed, considering the amount of time this has been leaked for and attempts on other sites to duplicate the glitch. Oh well.


Can anyone confirm if this still works?


If only this would happen with xbox...


Doll I could just see it now, so many bans to come.

They actually think they're getting away with this. I laugh at this. Sony is stupid for even letting that happen.


Would of done this but I'm scared of getting banned :)


I could just see it now, so many bans to come.


Oasis Lol. Enjoy your ban people, you really think you'll get away...oh dear. Considering they now have your crest card details expect a bill lol.

How do you bill bans will happen either at the most ps+ revoked


damn this guy is really smart.


That is a smart guy for finding that exploit out. Sadly, it will be patched very soon most likely.


Why cant the xbox one have this :( but it will probably get patched

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