Sony won't offer option to disable PS4 DualShock 4 light bar

"The LEDs do not use much battery," insists Sony's Shuhei Yoshida

PlayStation's president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida has ruled out the possibility of offering PS4 owners the option to disable the DualShock 4's light bar.

Yoshida addressed fans via Twitter after the exec was quizzed on the likelihood of a "future update" that may offer the ability to turn off the illuminated panel on the upper surface of the controller for games that make no use of it.

"No," replied Yoshida, in response to the question.

Common complaints from players and critics include the light bar reflecting in the TV screen and the controller's relatively short battery life (around 7 hours) compared with the DualShock 3.

When it was later implied such a feature would help extend the controller's battery life, Yoshida added, "The LEDs do not use much battery".

The light bar's primary function is to serve as a trackable beacon for the PlayStation Camera, which provides motion controls similarly to the glowing orb of the PlayStation Move controller for PS3.

Without the camera and a game that supports it the light bar rendered largely unused, with few titles putting it to use in other ways (Killzone Shadow Fall changes the LED's color in correspondence with player health).

PS4 sales topped 4.2 million units in 2013, Sony claimed last week. Having debuted in North America on November 15 and in Europe two weeks later, PS4 is now available in 53 countries and territories worldwide. Combined retail and digital PS4 software sales have surpassed 9.7 million, said the firm.

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IlIuminati Obvi ps camera is not as advanced as Kinect so it needs lights to track players when Kinect remembers faces etc. GG Sony.

As a person who got the Playstation camera for christmas, it does detect faces in the room like the Kinect. Your argument is invalid due to your stupidity taking up too much of other peoples time with your flame bait.

Lmfao. This has made my day.

No your argument is invalid, I have both ps camera is no where near as advanced as the kinect, the kinect has thermal imaging and ir it is sensative enough to track hand gestures like opening and closing your hands, the kinect can detect different people simultaneously and differentiate who is who and sign them into the console.

Tge fact that the ps needs a light to track its user is a huge as to the superior camera, im not degrading the quality of the console but the camera IS sub par. Fact.

Alright, you're obviously lying (and obviously butt hurt) about having both cameras or you'd know that the PS camera can detect faces as well. The light on the controller is to identify who is holding the controller and who is signing in to play the console. I never said that the PS camera was the same as the kinect, or better, but at the same time, the PS camera doesn't need to do hand movements and other gestures like moving through the home screen or Netflix. The fact you brought up the "thermal" part of the Kinect doesn't even make sense. If the PS camera can identify multiple people just by their faces, why does the kinect need to see people via normal and thermal views? You're making the Kinect sound worse now just because you are trying to make it sound more advanced than what it needs to be used for.


I don't have any problems with this


I don't even notice the light most of the time I don't see the problem with it.


TomorrowLand The player should have the option to disable something they paid for

Why? It's funny that the only people I see who complain about it are people who don't even have it... It's not annoying or bothersome whatsoever, if you actually owned it you wouldn't notice the lights at all...


coDyDaTallGuy The fanboys have come out to play. You should all stop bickering on which is better because neither of them are that impressive.

They really aren't. None of the games are even worth getting for both next-gen consoles.

Most launch games were amazing.

Not at all. Most launch titles were just eye candy. 2014/2015/2016 will be the years that better games land on the next-gen consoles that hopefully make it worth a purchase.


don't understand why you would find this annoying unless you play staring at your controller


You are supposed to be looking at the screen not the controller...


I do not find it annoying personally, however i can see why some people could get annoyed at it.


is it just me because everyone hates on the lightbar i like it looks good. it doesnt bother me


It don't bother me or anything, it just seems like that it really runs my battery down, extremely fast. 7 hours of battery life, more like 3 hours, then it's dead. And I have to recharge it, or plug it up to my PS4!!

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