Sledgehammer staffing up for 'next-gen Call of Duty game'

Studio seeking to fill positions across multiple disciplines for unannounced title

Sledgehammer Games is actively recruiting in a bid to strengthen the development team working on a next-gen Call of Duty game.

Earlier this week, parent company Activision posted more than ten Sledgehammer job adverts across a range of disciplines including art, design, animation and engineering. Multiple job ads note that the studio is "working on a next-gen Call of Duty game".

Formed in 2009, California-based Sledgehammer originally worked on an unfinished third person Call of Duty game before being drafted in to help Infinity Ward complete Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

While the nature of its new game remains a mystery, Sledgehammer general manager Glen Schofield told us in October 2011 that he thought the studio would work alone following its MW3 collaboration with Infinity Ward, the studio primarily responsible for 2013's Call of Duty: Ghosts.

"This game has allowed both Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games to hire, and we hired really strong teams, both of us," he said. "We needed to come together on this one, but since then we've both grown, we're both over 100 people now.

"Initially we weren't fully functional because we had to learn a new engine," Schofield added. "Now we have, I think the best thing that could happen for Activision would be for us to both go off and make our own game. Whether that's a Call of Duty game or not is up in the air. I plan to continue working on Call of Duty."

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Didn't they have an idea on making an open world CoD?


I only like treyarch zombies. I never like the multiplayer ever.


Skama I want another game like World At War.

Off topic : They should remake/re-release Call of Duty 4, Gears of War, & Halo 3 for Xbox One. Easily make a few millions!

I've had that idea too, to remake CoD 4 for the Xbox One


Treyarch games are so much better and it's not just cause of zombies. the multiplayer is pretty balanced to me too


Ice-Coolz Lol sledgehammer made mw3 bad

MW3 was a great game, Yes it may not be as good as MW2, Cod 4 and BO1. But I enjoyed playing that game a lot more than this "Ghosts" S**T


Next CoD better not be third person. Trying to turn it into Gears or something. This gamer does not approve.


I like sledgehammer, they're really underrated as a company. Lets hope they can re brand Call of Copy'n'Paste.


Lol sledgehammer made mw3 bad


TitanFall I don't know why people are complaining this could mean that we could have Call of duty ghosts (infinity ward) call of duty black ops (treyarch) and call of duty ... (sledgehammer) we could see better guilty cods due the new team so each developer has 3 year window instead of the 2 year. Sledgehammer might even be making a new cod engine for all we know!

wont work it would still suck

lol nice one, tell me 2 good reason why it would suck

Pointless to have 3 companies work on different games imo. They need to all work on one game together no matter how long it takes.


I want another game like World At War.

Off topic : They should remake/re-release Call of Duty 4, Gears of War, & Halo 3 for Xbox One. Easily make a few millions!

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