Xbox One shouldn’t be last Microsoft console, says Spencer

Xbox One isn’t necessarily Microsoft’s last home console, according to Phil Spencer. He reckons home computation is still important for the time being.

It follows Spencer’s comments that mid-tier and indie games are harder to sell in the mass market, hence the need for a program like [email protected]

Responding to a fan on Twitter, Spencer posted the following:

@XboxP3 Tough question, but do you think Xbox One is the last console as "we know it"? You know, running on local hardware.

The need for physical components in the home – processors and the like – is still there, and it’s clear that Microsoft’s cloud compute is only shouldering a share of game processing for the time being.

As we saw with Sony’s PlayStation Now reveal last week, cloud computing is slowly becoming a trend in the industry. How long will it be before we ditch the boxes entirely? That’s another conversation.

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They said this to clarify they aren't abandoning hope with all there fans, I'm glad I heard this, doubt I will ever need or get the next console tho.


-Mark I still wouldn't expect a new console from them anytime soon. The Xbox One will probably last a really long time.

Will last 7-10 years probably


If think they will keep making them for as long as they can.


BBX Long time until that happens, hopefully they can be extremely powerful and on par with PC by then.

They are as powerful as PCs, and that is what people need to understand. They are just not as powerful as machines over $500, because the console is not more than $500. There are no PCs that can run 2160p for that price. It is a good deal, but it lacks the actual functions of a PC.

If you custom build a computer you will get a better deal for $500 but I do agree.


At least another 5 years left.


ill say give it a god 6 years they will bring something else out I hope they will


Wonder if they'll do an apple, as in, re-market another 'BRAND NEW' console which is the same with a newer GPU/CPU in two years and continue to market one after another at 600 a pop.


Spot What are you kidding me? Why are we even worried about another Xbox, this one isn't even two months old.

It's always about moving forward with big companies, people always expect something bigger.


What are you kidding me? Why are we even worried about another Xbox, this one isn't even two months old.


I'm more of a PC gamer...
I used to play Xbox 360 quite a bit.

I think more and more people will start going to the PC platform.

Although I'd probably get hyped over a new Xbox, just as I did with the Xbox One until I found out how awful it was.
The only reason I'd suggest getting an Xbox One is because there seem to be better exclusive games than the PS4.
Also, the controller is more comfortable imo.

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