Rockstar warns against 'inevitable' GTA 5 leaks

With less than a week to go until Grand Theft Auto 5 hits stores, Rockstar Games has warned gamers of the "inevitable game info and asset leaks" expected to hit the net in the run up to launch.

Commenting on a post on Rockstar Newswire asking fans not to discuss spoilers, the publisher said that "now that we're within a week of game release, there's bound to be some inevitable game info and asset leaks.

"As always per Rule no.1 above the Comment Box, we have a strict policy against posting or discussing such things here on our own site. Anyone posting about leaked assets or info will have their comment removed and repeat offenders will have their commenting privileges revoked."

Rockstar's warning of its heavy-handed approach to tackling leaks followed the leak of the game's map yesterday afternoon.

The map, which appears to have been snapped from the game's official strategy guide, shows the entire game world, including all the locations players will get to explore in the final game.

The publisher added that it wanted to ensure that its website was kept clean of spoilers to "ensure everyone who [visits] between now and game release can feel free to chat about the game without having anything spoiled for them".

It was rumoured last night that the game had found its way into the hands of a piracy group, with comments from the community (via NeoGAF) reporting that the Xbox 360 version's second disc comes loaded with a new type of piracy protection.

GTA 5 launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next Tuesday, September 17.

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Cannot wait until this game is released!


haha Rockstar acting like there is more to their game then the thug life! There is nothing more than the thug life ever!


I am so ready for this game to come out.


Didn't even pre-order it. I wanna wait to see if it will be on PS4 before I buy it. I dont want to buy the same game twice:/


Didn't even pre-order it. I wanna wait to see if it will be on PS4 before I buy it. I dont want to buy the same game twice:/


Less than a week to go, I can't wait! :D


Pretty point less we all know what gta is about


Zeff I don't want to know anything about this game until release, I want a surprise.

I think you are the same as many people.


Can't wait for the ISO leak.



HarmfulMushroom I'm actually pretty surprised it has yet to be leaked yet for any platform.

Well the kid "RustyF" = xbox gt, has the game

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