Wii U hacked, Drive Authentication Reversed

It looks like the Wii U has been broken apart by the WiiKey team.

WiiKey is a site that sells products with which you can use your Wii in ways that Nintendo doesn’t want. They have also found a way to bypass the Wii U’s defenses and have claimed that they have got a hack working.

Third-party developers won’t be pleased with this development, although, if it turns out to be true, Nintendo may sell more Wii U systems and gain a good install base.

Here’s what they’ve written on their site.

Yes, its real – we have now completely reversed the WiiU drive authentication, disk encryption, file system, and everything else needed for this next generation K3y. Stay tuned for updates!

Take this as a rumour, since unless people have officially confirmed it to be working, it’s still unverified for now. The team was responsible for releasing the first ever hack for the Wii back in 2007, so this could be as legit as it gets.

Update: We have the features of the device. It’s called the WiiKey U.

Play your Wii U and Wii games from any USB media!
Compatible with all Wii U models and regions
User friendly intuitive interface
No soldering required
Multi-language support
Supports most popular file systems, including EXT4/3/2, Max OS X, and NTFS
Powerful embedded Linux system
High-speed USB2 interface
Firmware and FPGA fully in-system updatable from USB media
Recovery mode – it is always possible to recover from a bad flash
Stylish USB remote with powered USB hub and charger function
Bulletproof high quality hardware (not manufactured in China!)

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Source: http://www.gamechup.com/wii-u-hacked-drive-authentication-reversed-by-wiikey-team/


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This reminds me of the first jtag lol


Don't see what the point is if people can mod there wii?

Every console has people who find ways to use it in ways developers never wanted it to be used, They should just do what microsoft & sony dose & just ban the console


Danimals lol i was waiting for this to happen. nintendo really needs to up there security

Whats the point of bolstering their security? People will always fine exploits and ways around the security. Plus it just in the end is a wasted investment if they are going to get hacked anyways.


lol i was waiting for this to happen. nintendo really needs to up there security


-Legion wow, i never knew someone/people would hack nintendo consoles thats new to me i guess.

They do it because it is so easy to hack and takes little work.




wow, i never knew someone/people would hack nintendo consoles thats new to me i guess.


would be fun :)

dont know why they would moan about hack tho increases there sells :P


GRAPHlCS lol a hacked wii, that could be fun c:

It would be awesome fun. It's so cool compaired to regular Wii plus its fun to mess stuff up online. Espically in COD.


honeydew2 any1 own 1 i do.i cant believe my eyes when i see the graphics on mass effect 3.it looks so real :D

what are you on about...

Anyone own one? I do. I can't believe the quality of the graphics on the game Mass Effect 3. It looks so real! You're welcome :)