The Last of Us 2 PC Port Has Been Ready for a While, Insider Claims

A reliable insider has claimed that rumors of The Last of Us Part 2 PC port‘s existence were not only correct, but that it’s been ready for quite a while. Previous rumors were disputed because they came from a random X user with a dodgy history, and it doesn’t take an insider to figure out that TLOU2 will release on PC after the success of Part 1.

Why Sony might be holding back The Last of Us Part 2 PC release date announcement
The latest report comes from trusty Dealabs user billbil-kun. According to their sources, TLOU2’s PC port began development as far back as 2021, and has been “well finished” since at least November 2023.

Fans are wondering why Sony held off on announcing a port that’s been ready. Speculation suggests that the company may want to release the game alongside Season 2 of the HBO television series. Additionally, Sony spaces out PS5 and PC releases of first-party single-player games, and TLOU2 was remastered for the PS5 just this past January.

It’s no secret that HBO’s The Last of Us series did a great job of drumming up interest in the video games as Sony reported a sharp increase in sales following the show’s success.

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Wow yeah this is going to hype the fans up !