Concord PS5 Reportedly Not a $70 Game

$70 is increasingly becoming the standard for AAA games. However, it appears that Sony’s Concord won’t have that price, retailing for around $40 on PlayStation 5.

Concord price will be the same as Helldivers 2
Sony hasn’t officially revealed Concord’s price in USD. However, its PlayStation store page for Australia shows a cost of about $60 Australian or $95 for the Digital Deluxe edition. That converts to around $40 and $63 US, though Sony will probably round it to $60. Notably, this puts it at the same price as Sony’s other multiplayer shooter, Helldivers 2.

In addition to revealing Concord’s price, the Australian PlayStation store page offers some information on its pre-order bonus. Pre-purchasers get beta access for themselves, four friends, and the Monarch cosmetic pack. The latter includes Vale’s Monarch Frontliner Sniper Skin and the Dead Reckoner Weapon Skin Pack. Meanwhile, the Digital Deluxe Edition consists of the Monarch Pack and 16 character skins. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know what those cosmetics look like.

Concord’s price isn’t the only thing it has in common with Helldivers 2. The Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired FPS is also set to be released on both PlayStation 5 and PC. Sony and developer Firewalk Studios announced it at the PlayStation showcase in May 2023. The PvP hero shooter launches on August 23, with pre-orders opening on Thursday, June 6.

Sony released a gameplay trailer for Concord last week, showcasing five of its playable characters. These include the sniper Vale, alien gunslinger Lennox, spellcaster Haymar, hulking warrior Star Child, and robot 1-Off.

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Good, NO games should be 70-75$ for the damn base game at all ! Not a single game is worth it out there for the price.