Borderlands 4 Reveal Rumored to Take Place at Summer Game Fest

The upcoming Summer Game Fest live event on June 7 will reportedly feature the first reveal for Borderlands 4. In recent weeks, it was announced that 2K Games would unveil the "next iteration" of one of the publisher's "biggest and most beloved franchises" at Summer Game Fest. Since then, fans have been speculating if this reveal could be tied to properties that include BioShock, Mafia, and Civilization, to name a few. Now, it sounds as though Borderlands is the series on tap to be taking center stage this Friday.

News of this reveal for Borderlands 4 comes by way of user Kurakasis, who has had accurate gaming scoops in the past. Speaking on the Exputer forums, it was said that Summer Game Fest will be the venue that shows off Borderlands 4 for the first time. Ahead of the event, it was suggested that Gearbox might choose to also announce Borderlands 4 in a formal capacity which could then segue into a longer showing for the game at SGF. It was also specifically added that this is the major announcement that 2K Games had previously teased in May.

The potential reveal of Borderlands 4 comes at arguably the best time possible for the franchise. This is primarily because the Borderlands movie adaptation is set to hit theaters in a little over two months on August 9. In all likelihood, this film's launch will serve as a way to cross-promote Borderlands 4. Whether or not the next game in the series will arrive in proximity to the Borderlands movie, though, is something that we still don't know.

Outside of Borderlands 4, previous leaks have suggested that Gearbox is also working on a sequel to Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, which is a spin-off from the Borderlands series that launched in 2022. The expected Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 2 was found on the LinkedIn profile of a Gearbox employee in late 2023 and if real, shows that the studio should have big plans for Borderlands in the years to come. Whether or not Tiny Tina's Wonderlands 2 also happens to be announced soon isn't yet known, but we should learn more in an official capacity in the days to come.

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This is gonna be huge man!


Can't believe it's coming. And the show or movie is as well.


Ghost I have missed borderlands, tiny tina was okay, just wasn't quite.. BL. Cant wait!

Tiny tina's was just too off brand for me. I liked the parts of BL3 when she was in it, but the full game didn't peak my interest.


I have missed borderlands, tiny tina was okay, just wasn't quite.. BL. Cant wait!