PS5 Removes Claimed Feature That Fans Deem "False Advertising"

Sony has chosen to remove a proposed feature from the box of the PlayStation 5 that many have claimed was never accurate to begin with. Back in 2020 when the PS5 first arrived, it noticeably contained an "8K" emblem on the front of the box, which suggested that the console was capable of 8K visuals. Since that time, the 8K logo has largely continued to appear on all versions of the PS5 that have been sold. Now, though, that has finally changed as Sony has instead scrubbed its appearance from the PS5's packaging for one reason or another.

Spotted originally on Reddit, it was pointed out that the appearance of "8K" on PS5 boxes has vanished. This move is one that Sony only seems to have made in recent months and it did so without explaining a reason behind the move. Generally speaking, though, putting 8K on the PS5 package in the first place was always quite a bit of a stretch as video and gaming tech hasn't even reached the point where such output is all that feasible. Still, the PS5 itself is compatible with 8K monitors, which is likely why it was there.

As for the other reason behind its removal, some PlayStation users have said that they think Sony removed the 8K logo solely for the purpose of adding it once again to the packaging for the PlayStation 5 Pro. At this point, Sony hasn't even verified that it's working on a PS5 Pro, but reports have widely pointed to an arrival of the console later in 2024. If true, there's a chance that this 8K insignia could pop up on the box of the PS5 Pro as a way of setting it apart from the base PS5 model. Then again, since 8K gaming still looks like it's many years away from becoming an actuality, perhaps Sony will steer clear completely of putting it so prominently on the

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after all that time, glad they removed it

and please DO NOT put in on the Pro boxes (if there's gonna be a pro) ffs


Federation I think it's 8k for movies and shows that probably what they're saying

If that's true, I see it more as misleading than false advertising. Either way, not good and terrible marketing.


I think it's 8k for movies and shows that probably what they're saying


Yeah they put that crap on there to scam people who have no clue. They just know it's the new nex gen series console and see 8k and think it's just the best