Star Fox: Assault Remaster Claimed to Be in Development

A remaster of the Nintendo GameCube game Star Fox: Assault is claimed to be in development at Nintendo. For the most part, Nintendo has chosen to completely ignore the Star Fox franchise over the past few years. Following the dismal response to Star Fox Zero on Wii U in 2016, a new entry in the series has yet to come about on Nintendo Switch. Now, it sounds as though Nintendo could be looking to bring back Star Fox in some capacity beginning with a remaster of one of the most beloved entries in the series.

According to insider Zippo, who has shared accurate Nintendo scoops in the past, Star Fox: Assault is being remastered for Nintendo Switch. It's said that this remaster is being done by Bandai Namco, which was the developer of the original game that launched in 2005. It's not known when this remaster of Star Fox: Assault might be unveiled to the public, but this month's forthcoming Nintendo Direct presentation was mentioned as one potential avenue for the announcement.

As for what this new iteration of Star Fox: Assault would entail, it's claimed to feature 1080p visuals to go along with 60fps performance. Online play is also said to be coming with this version for Nintendo Switch in tandem with "new content of some sort" and support for Amiibo. Lastly, it was claimed that this project is going to precede a fully new Star Fox game, which is said to be in development at the moment.

Per usual with rumors of this sort, it's important that you take everything that has been outlined with a grain of salt. Zippo's track record when it comes to Nintendo information is pretty hit-and-miss, which means there's no guarantee that what has been said will come to pass. Still, if Nintendo is really trying to make Star Fox a priority once again, it would make sense for the publisher to test the waters with a remaster to start. Either way, perhaps we'll learn for certain if Nintendo has any Star Fox projects in the works when it holds its next Direct in the coming days.

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loved the starfox games

a remaster will be great for the series


We've been getting some random off the wall remasters