Kingdom Hearts 4 Won’t be Shown at Summer Game Fest

The upcoming Summer Game Fest is shaping up to be a promising show, but as always, it’s important to go in with the right expectations- and if you’re expecting to learn more about the future of Kingdom Hearts, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

That’s as per Summer Game Fest creator, producer, and host Geoff Keighley himself. During a recent live Q&A session on Twitch, when prompted about the possibility of a Kingdom Hearts 4 showing at the upcoming event on June 7, Keighley quickly doused water on those hopes, saying that those who’re expecting to see the long-awaited action RPG at the event are “setting themselves up for failure.”

Some leaks have claimed that Kingdom Hearts 4, which was announced in 2022, is targeting a 2025 release, so speculation about an upcoming showing hasn’t been complete unfounded- though it doesn’t look at the game is going to get a showing at the upcoming Summer Game Fest, at the very least.

The showcase is shaping up to be a packed one nonetheless, with a number of major games having been confirmed for the event, including the likes of Metaphor: ReFantzio, Monster Hunter Wilds, and a major new game by 2K. Leaks have claimed that PlayStation will also be making further first-party announcements.

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This will probably upset some fans now