Monster Hunter Wilds gets its first gameplay trailer

The first gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds has been revealed, showing combat against a variety of monster types.

Monster Hunter Wilds was first announced in December 2023 during The Game Awards.

“This announcement is just the start, so there’s a lot about the game we can’t go into detail about yet,” series producer Ryozo Tsujimoto said at the time.

“The game features a new level of detailed creatures and ecosystems, so please enjoy dissecting the trailer to get an idea of what to expect.”

The trailer shows a new location called Windward Plains, which Capcom describes as “a vast, untamed land ready to be explored”.

“While exploring this new locale, hunters will discover harsh environments contrasted by abundant landscapes teeming with life, and even extreme weather conditions that transform the locale in unexpected ways,” it says.

Environments “will change drastically” during play, and monsters will change and adapt according to this.

The trailer also introduces new monsters, such as the Doshaguma (a “fanged beast”), the Chatacabra (an amphibian), the Ceratonoth (a herbivore) and the Dalthydon (a herbivore).

It also shows the game’s new mount, called the Seikret.

“These small but nimble monsters are ridden by hunters and other members of the Research Commission,” Capcom says. “Using their strong sense of smell, they can automatically take you to destinations that you specify on your map.

“You’ll be able to use certain items and even your slinger while on the move, allowing you to recover your health, sharpen your weapon, or even gather materials all from the safety of your Seikret.

“In addition to acting as a rideable mount, the Seikret enables hunters to access and switch to a secondary weapon without returning to base. Use this brand-new ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing hunts in Monster Hunter Wilds.

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It sounds like an awesome game but the play style just don't look good to me