WWE pay-per-view events coming to Microsoft's Xbox 360

Even though the World Wrestling Entertainment is more of an entertainment group than a sports league, there's no doubt that the wrestlers involved in WWE are true athletes when it comes to their actions inside the ring. That action, combined with the over-the-top characters and storylines, has kept WWE highly popular around the world.

Today, Microsoft is launching the official WWE app for the Xbox 360 that will give users a way to get more information about the people and events behind the league. The biggest feature of the WWE Xbox 360 app, according to the Major Nelson site, is that owners of Microsoft's game console will be able to watch the monthly pay-per-view events the WWE holds directly on the console. You will still have to go to the official WWE.com website to pay for the event.

The Xbox 360 app, which is just for U.S. Xbox 360 users, is being launched just a few days before the biggest WWE pay-per-view event of all: WrestleMania XXIX, which is being held Sunday. The main event is a matchup between The Rock and John Cena, in a rematch of last year's WrestleMania conflict that The Rock managed to win.

Last July, the WWE released an official app for Windows 8, more than three months before the operating system was officially launched.

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Source: http://www.neowin.net/news/wwe-pay-per-view-events-coming-to-microsofts-xbox-360


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Not a bad idea, but I don't like wrestling enough to pay to watch it.


Bias WWE. Come on, We are all grown men. Who watches this still?

you will be surprised by how many grown adults watch it one of them being my step dad.


rather wait a night, then go on piratebay


Just for US users? Typical. Might aswell just buy it on Sky Box Office and watch it live there.


I remember when I was younger I actually went to some wrestling event, it was cool cause I got to see the rock


Peruvian-Swag Well this is probably them trying to push their paper views to get more views in hence more money

maybe but we dont know they only get money by selling tickets and by tv stuff not by views lol


Brock_Lesnar damn it i cant download it i have a US acc but still cant download it -.- i wish the app would be available in europe

lol 2 bad for you cant wait for the app


This is a very good idea. Many xbox live users like wrestling so why not watch wrestling while you're on your console.


Dang, I remember watching this a while back. I bet people still complain about it being "fake" when they clearly say Entertainment at the end of their shows/PPVs. Great memories.


Bias WWE. Come on, We are all grown men. Who watches this still?

not me -.-