Xbox Games on Other Platforms May Get a Branded UI in Future – Report

Rumor has it that Microsoft’s idea of Xbox on “every screen” may involve its games having a branded UI on other platforms, including PlayStation. From the sound of things, the project is somewhat similar to the recently-revealed PlayStation overlay introduced alongside Ghost of Tsushima‘s PC release.

What Xbox games on PlayStation may look like with a Microsoft overlay
Windows Central journalist and Microsoft insider Jez Corden claims to have obtained details of the company’s plans, and reckons that all Xbox cross-platform games will have “a consistent social UI.” To illustrate the point, Corden used the example of Sea of Thieves on PS5 allowing players to pull up a mini Xbox guide.

Corden likened the idea to something like Blizzard Entertainment’s When fellow journalist and insider Jeff Grubb suggested something like the Nintendo Miiverse, Corden responded affirmatively.

Back in February 2024, when rumors first emerged of Microsoft going multiplatform, employees speaking on condition of anonymity told the press that the company wants “every screen” to be an Xbox. Many took that as Xbox games simply running on all platforms. However, Corden suggests that it’s a little more than that, with the Xbox-branded UI project actually having its own internal code name.

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I'm sure they will

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Xbox has no special games fr