Resident Evil 1 Remake Rumor Dismissed by Known Insider

Insiders seem to be at loggerheads over the recent rumors of Resident Evil 1 remake. Last week, two separate reports emerged that Capcom was planning a third outing of the 1996 PS1 game. This past weekend, yet another report emerged with similar claims. However, known horror genre and Capcom insider Dusk Golem reckons it’s all nonsense.

Resident Evil 1 remake was previously rumored to release in 2026
This past weekend’s report came from the horror centric X account, BioDeclassified. They claimed to have received an email detailing Capcom’s plans for the RE1 remake. A number of websites picked up on the report along with a fake screenshot that purported to show Dusk Golem corroborating the rumor on X. However, Dusk Golem clarified that they never tweeted anything about the supposed RE1 remake, and don’t think it’s true either.

Considering BioDeclassified’s report is purely based on an “anonymous email,” we find it hard to believe it’s authentic. But stranger things have happened in the world of leaks, like random 4Chan accounts leaking games accurately.

That said, Capcom has said that it does have plans for more Resident Evil remakes following recent success, so we certainly haven’t seen the end of them.

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would be great if it became true though

would love a 30th anniversary RE1 remake :lipbite:


Good they have enough anyways lol