Twitter Officially Rebrands as, Drops Twitter URL

One of the last holdouts of the old Twitter has now been removed with officially rebranded as overnight. This marks the latest -- and presumably one of the last -- efforts to fully move the social media platform over to Elon Musk's preferred "X" branding following the erasure of other remnants of Twitter such as tweets themselves. Musk confirmed the change himself this week while referencing the old logo of previous efforts to make a thing before it finally came to fruition after the Twitter takeover.

Musk tweeted about the conversion over on what's now formally known as by saying "All core systems are now on" What he means by this is that if you follow the link here and see his tweet, you'll notice that your URL for the post should start with "" now. This differs from the previous URL which has always started with "" even after Musk took over, though you could sometimes see the "" link when using the "share" button to send the tweets elsewhere.

The functionality of these URLs and the X platform remain the same regardless of the change, however, so this is really just more of a continued effort to finalize the X rebranding than anything that'd have an actual effect on users. While some changes made during the switch from Twitter to X have come off as abrasive or unnecessary to many users, ones like this URL change won't really matter much in regards to how you use X since old Twitter links including "" itself now just default to the same page but with an "" domain instead. Other changes made in a similar fashion prior to this one include rebranding "tweets" as simply "posts."

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they seriously took their time to do this fr


juno this was long overdue imo

I was thinking the same to be honest.


Since he bought it the site went to shit for me, this is coming from someone who was happy there wouldn't be bots and thought musk was cool, now that's all the comments are lmao can't even use it anymore. monetizing sites is cool for creators, ruins it for everyone else just browsing


I mean wow they only waited until nobody even uses it anymore haha


this was long overdue imo