DayZ Announces New Snow Map, Smallest Yet

DayZ just announced a brand-new map called Sakhal as part of the upcoming Frostline expansion, set in the far east of Russia, based on the real-life Kamchatka Peninsula. It's the smallest map to date, covering 83 km2 of land, which makes it about half the size of Chernarus.

This new map is, true to the DLC's theme, set in a snowy and volcanic mountainous region. The further inland you go, the colder it is, and there are some new mechanics to be wary of.

Food and water can now freeze, so if you find yourself getting hungry, you might have to defreeze your stash. However, warm food will now replenish more of your stats, so it's not all gruesome in Sakhal.

As Sakhal is a snowy region, it has new weather to match. Not only is there a chance of it snowing, but you can even get caught up in snowstorms. But there's some more fitting gear you can wear to stave off the elements, as the expansion brings with it ski gear and a wolf hood.

Fishing has also been overhauled - now, you can attach a worm and a hook to the rod without going through any tedious animations. You can also stack worms to speed up the process further. What's more, there's a chance of getting caviar when you fish, which you can immediately eat without any preparation.

When casting your rod, you might catch one of the new critters, a steelhead trout. On land, you can run into rabbits (complete with new animations and AI) as well as reindeer.

A whole bunch is coming in the Frostline expansion, but we don't yet have a price. What we do know, however, is that it will be less than $30.

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Snow maps are the best ! The his will be so cool on here. I'm sure the people are happy !


I'm so happy they're finally releasing a new map, I instantly added this to my wishlist once I saw it!