Nintendo Switch 2 Will Seemingly Release Later Than Expected

Nintendo has indicated that its next video game console, which is presumed to be the Switch 2, will be released later than many fans have been anticipating. When 2024 began, rumors and reports suggested that the Switch 2 would be arriving in the back half of this calendar year. However, these reports eventually went on to say that the console had been delayed internally at Nintendo, which meant that its launch was now slated for 2025. And while many assumed that a release in the first couple months of 2025 might be feasible, it sounds as though this won't be happening.

During a call with investors this week, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said that the company hasn't forecasted any sales for the Switch 2 in its current fiscal year. To better outline what this means, it suggests that the Switch 2 won't be released until April 1, 2025, at the absolute earliest as this is when Nintendo's next fiscal period will begin. If Nintendo planned to release the Switch 2 in this current year, it would have provided guidance to investors for how many units and how much revenue it expects to bring in.

With the original Nintendo Switch, the console launched in March 2017, most notably alongside The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Given how well this release turned out for Nintendo, it has been widely expected that the publisher might look to release the Switch 2 in this same month for 2025. As we've now learned, though, this seems highly unlikely unless something were to change in the near future.

As for when the formal reveal of the Nintendo Switch 2 will come about, Nintendo has currently only said that it will show off the next hardware before March 31, 2025. This coming month, Nintendo will be holding its next Direct presentation, but it's already been stressed that this venue won't be the one in which the Switch 2 is unveiled. Instead, this Direct will focus on games coming to the current Switch in the back half of 2024.

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They been supposed to had it realized already lol. It'll be out by Christmas ! Haha


kinda glad it's gonna take longer