Nintendo is ending X/Twitter support for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is ending support for X, formerly Twitter, on Nintendo Switch.

Beginning on June 10, users will no longer be able to upload images to the service directly from Nintendo Switch machines, and the Nintendo Switch will no longer allow players to send friend requests to social media friends using X integration.

Some games with specific in-game functionality surrounding this feature will also change. The ability to post Super Smash Bros. ultimate screenshots from the album folder to Smash World in the Nintendo Switch Online smart device app, will also become unavailable.

While the blog post does highlight that posting directly to Facebook from Nintendo Switch will still be supported following this change, “this service may also be discontinued at a later date.”

Splatoon players will no longer be able to post to X from the mailbox in Inkopolis Square.

Both Sony and Microsoft discontinued X support on PlayStation and Xbox consoles last year.

Following Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s takeover of the social networking site, X has begun charging companies almost $40,000 more per month to access X’s API, which is necessary to facilitate the integration.

In response to Nintendo ending the service, the @XGaming account posted: “The gaming community is one of the largest and most vibrant communities on our platform, and we are dedicated to enhancing and supporting gaming-related features.

“As part of Nintendo’s planned discontinuation of sharing content to X from the Nintendo Switch, from June 11th, users will need to download Switch gameplay media directly to their smartphones and share it natively on our platform.”

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Who cares nobody uses Twitter anyways lmao