Nintendo Switch Has Sold 141.32 Million Units Worldwide

The Nintendo Switch isn’t quite the sales juggernaut nowadays, but it’s still performing fabulously despite entering its seventh year on the market. In its latest earnings report, Nintendo revealed that the console had sold 141.32 million units worldwide as of March 31st, 2024.

In the fourth quarter, Nintendo sold 1.96 million Switch consoles and 15.70 million throughout the fiscal year, down 12.6 percent from last year. While the Nintendo Switch – OLED Model’s sales were up 1.1 percent, the regular Switch and Switch Lite are down 37.1 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively.

The company also sold 35.72 million software during the quarter, with 199.67 million sales throughout the fiscal year – a drop of 6.7 percent from the previous year. All things considered, the announcement of the Nintendo Switch’s successor, with a reveal coming by March 31st, 2025, is timely.

When it launches remains to be seen (though rumors claim next year in March), but there will be a new Nintendo Direct in June to outline upcoming software for the second half of 2024. Stay tuned for updates until then.

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Crazy numbers sold for the switch ! And the 2nd one is coming still !