Ghost of Tsushima Developer Clarifies PSN Requirement for PC Version

Ahead of its launch on PC later this month, Ghost of Tsushima developer Sucker Punch Productions has provided clarity on whether or not players will need to link their PlayStation account in order to play. Within the past week, there has been a ton of blowback on Sony after the publisher revealed that Helldivers 2 would soon require players on PC to sign-in to their PSN account to experience the game. Although this decision was eventually reversed, it naturally led many to wonder about how Sucker Punch would have to approach this situation with Ghost of Tsushima. Now, we seem to have our answer.

In a recent post on X (or Twitter), Sucker Punch said that a PSN account will not be required in order to experience the single-player content in Ghost of Tsushima. As a result, anyone can purchase the game on Steam or the Epic Games Store and will be able to play it without having to sign-in to a PS account. However, Sucker Punch made clear that this wouldn't extend to Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, which is the game's multiplayer component. When trying to play Legends, a PSN account will be needed before the experience can begin.

In light of Sony reversing this ruling with Helldivers 2, there's a chance that this plan could also change with Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. For now, Sucker Punch hasn't provided a further update on the matter, though, which suggests that a PSN account will likely be required when the game hits PC next week. If and when this potentially changes, though, we'll be sure to keep you in the loop here on

As mentioned, Ghost of Tsushima will release next week on May 16 for PC across Steam and EGS. This version of the game will be the Director's Cut, which means it will contain all of the post-launch DLC that came to Ghost of Tsushima later on. Additionally, the Legends multiplayer mode will be crossplay-enabled, meaning that PC users can play with those who own the game on PS5 and PS4.

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Idc I just love that lc gets to play these after so long !


Federation They finally releasing the PC version lol

About time they did for real!


They finally releasing the PC version lol