PS5 Pro Codename, New Details Revealed in Latest Report

New information tied to Sony's upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro console, including its codename, has been shared in a recent report. At the time of this writing, Sony itself hasn't even confirmed that it's working on a PS5 Pro. Despite this, rumors and reports have claimed for a year or more that the updated version of the PS5 is slated to roll out later in 2024. Now, ahead of that eventual arrival, we have a bit more to go off of when it comes to what the hardware will do.

Shared by The Verge, the publication reports that it has recently seen private documentation that verifies the existence of the PS5 Pro. Beyond this simple confirmation, the article goes on to state that Sony is internally referring to the PS5 Pro as "Trinity," which also backs up previous claims. As for its internals, Sony is said to be including a more powerful GPU to go along with an improved CPU in the console. These upgraded aspects of the console will better allow the PS5 Pro to take advantage of ray tracing in various games without having to diminish the performance.

At this point in time, Sony is said to be "encouraging" various developers around the globe to begin optimizing their existing games for the PS5 Pro. To that end, Sony is beginning to send test kits to studios so that they can begin testing the hardware for themselves. Games that are then sent in for certification to Sony by August are said to be compatible with the PS5 Pro when it launches later in 2024.

Speaking of release, a specific date for the PS5 Pro still isn't known. Broadly, it's reported that Sony is planning to let loose its upgraded PS5 in the forthcoming holiday season. As for its price, it's expected that the console will retail for more than the PS5's current cost of $499.99. There's always the chance that Sony could choose to lower the standard version of the PS5 though whenever the PS5 Pro releases. To this point in the generation, the PS5 hasn't seen a price cut, so it could be time for one to happen.

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best to wait for another few months to get more details on what it's going to be like when 100% completed


I'll take me an all black ps5 pro ! Should be able to switch it out fr this regular ps5 runs like crap !!


juno I should be able to trade in my old ps5 for the pro

Crack is wack. Stop smoking it


I should be able to trade in my old ps5 for the pro