GTA 5 Documentary Reportedly Scrapped By Rockstar Says Ned Luke

Just like Sony's Raising Kratos documentary that followed Santa Monica Studio's development of God of War and Naughty Dog's Grounded II: Making The Last of Us Part 2, a Grand Theft Auto 5 documentary was apparently in the works at Rockstar, but it was shelved.

Rockstar had planned to create a “Making of GTA 5” documentary that would have followed the development of the game but at least so far, it hasn't seen the light of day.

In a recent interview with Rob Fury on his YouTube channel Streamily, Ned Luke, who played Michael Shawn, Shawn Fonteno, as Franklin, and Steven Ogg, the one and only Trevor, joined Fury for a fun-filled GTA 5 Q&A. As you could guess, the panel was a little chaotic at times with Ogg showcasing his actually mo-cap shoes he wore during GTA 5 production that had definitely seen better days and Luke playfully weight-shaming Ogg's adorable dog,

Throughout the interview, Steven Ogg and Ned Luke discussed their time working on GTA 5, with Luke disclosing that a “Making of GTA 5” documentary had been planned by Rockstar that would go into a behind-the-scenes viewpoint of how the game was made. "We had that behind-the-scenes camera going the whole time, but they never did anything with it," said Luke. Ogg interjected by stating "At one point, didn't we discuss how cool it was to make the 'Making of' so we could have a documentary on the making of GTA?".

Ogg also disclosed his most challenging part of filming GTA 6. "The ones with the heists where we had to wear weighted stuff for motion capture, that was the most difficult, but you're getting to play in a lycra jumpsuit, it's not like digging ditches, so it's not that hard".

Although there doesn't seem to be any concrete reasons why Rockstar would have canceled this documentary, it could simply be down to being too busy and not having enough available hands due to GTA 6 production, there is no doubt about how many fans would have loved to have seen this and the shenanigans Luke, Fonteno and Ogg got up to because just going by the interview, the OG GTA gang are a whirlwind when they are together.

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I'm sure they still can, they more likely have raw footage of their progress

they just need to name it to "Overdue GTA5 Documentary" LMAO


They should have done it ! GTA 5 will forever be legendary and one of the first huge next gen games.