Content Warning Crosses 1 Million Units Sold

There’s clearly a lot of demand for comedic co-op horror games right now. Lethal Company took the industry by storm when it launched last year, and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator studio Landfall’s Content Warning is now also having its moment in the sun.

The horror title – which sees players playing as YouTubers (or SpookTubers, as they’re known in the game) looking to make money by recording viral videos of a variety of horrific monsters in the ruins of the old world – launched for PC in early access earlier this month, and has attracted quite the audience, with Landfall revealing on Twitter that the game has sold over 1 million copies since its release.

On the day of its release, for 24 hours, the game as also free to claim for everyone. During that period, it was claimed by 6.6 million players (originally reported to be 6.2 million players), so an additional million copies sold on top of that is certainly an impressive start for the game.

Shortly after release, Content Warning started its rollout of post-launch patches, and Landfall says it has more “fun updates and fixes on the way.”

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congrats for doing so well, such a great milestone


1 million sold is a lot for an indie game