Star Wars Outlaws’ Rep System Will Impact Dynamic Open World Events

From the Hutts and the Pykes to the Crimson Dawn, the Empire, and more, Star Wars Outlaws protagonist Kay Vess will be dealing with a number of different factions during the course of the game’s story, each one of them powerful and formidable in their own unique way, with a Reputation system encompassing her interactions with each of them. As Kay, your actions will impact your experience in a number of ways– including even the open world and what challenges and content it will throw your way.

Like many of its peers, Star Wars Outlaws’ open world will be populated with a variety of dynamically occurring events, as explained by creative director Julian Gerighty and in a recent interview with Game Informer.

“It influences how we design the open world, events, and how those events interact with themselves,” Gerighty said. “An Empire checkpoint will be able to try and stop you if you run through it, there’ll be some shipjackers or pirates on the road that’ll try and rob you. There’s a lot of different things that come into creating a landscape, the road network in that landscape, and the living world events that populate that landscape.”

Your Reputation with the different factions will also impact the kinds of events you encounter in the open world and how they might play out, while, in turn, your actions during those events might also affect your standing with different factions.

“If you have a good Reputation with the Pykes, let’s say, and you run into a Pyke ambush, maybe they’ll let you pass,” Gerighty said. “But if you run into a small skirmish between the Pykes and the Crimson Dawn, if you help out the Crimson Dawn, that’s going to influence your Pyke Reputation negatively. So it’s all interconnected.”

In the same interview, Gerighty also offered brief details on the many factions that will populate Star Wars Outlaw’s open world, where their presence will be strongest, and what motivations they’ll be driven by.

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the game will do good in the first week due to the hype, then it'll collapse from there :D


Really really hope that this game majorly bombs !!