EA’s Black Panther game will be open world, job ad suggests

EA‘s upcoming Black Panther will be an open-world game, according to a new job listing.

A job listing by new EA studio Cliffhanger Games seeks a principal sandbox designer to work on Marvel’s Black Panther.

Part of the job description reads that successful applicants “will be instrumental in designing and populating encounters, systems, and gameplay within a dynamic and evolving open world.

“Drawing upon a deep understanding of technical design principles and a passion for creating immersive sandbox experiences, this role demands close collaboration with design teams, AI engineering, and technical art departments to bring our game world to life.”

Cliffhanger Games was formed in 2021 and is led by Kevin Stephens, who was boss of Warner’s Monolith during development of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

In addition to leaders from those games, Cliffhanger’s team includes veterans of franchises including Halo, God of War and Call of Duty, according to EA.

The Black Panther game is being developed in collaboration with Marvel Games.

“We want our game to enable players to feel what it’s like to be worthy of the Black Panther mantle in unique, story-driven ways, and we want Cliffhanger Games to empower everyone on our team as we collaborate to bring this amazing world to life,” Stephens said.

“We’re still early in development with a long road ahead, but we know the foundation to any great story is to build an experienced team with diverse voices and perspectives and that’s what we want to build, especially with a superhero as important as Black Panther.”

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Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/eas-black-panther-game-will-be-open-world-job-ad-suggests/


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""We're still early in development with a long road ahead"

I seriously hope they end up cancelling it LMAO


I'm not buying this any way not when the woman is racist to white people


Such a wasted game smh why not hulk or somthing actually fun ?? Or Thor lol