Star Wars Outlaws Puts Jabba Mission Behind A Paywall

Star Wars Outlaws will gatekeep content behind premium editions and a season pass, including a mission centring around Jabba the Hutt. As per the Ubisoft website, you'll have to pay either $109.99 or $129.99 to access Jabba's Gambit on launch day, as the $69.99 base game won't include this season pass-exclusive mission.

This update to the Ubisoft website was spotted by the news outlet Areajugones (as shared on ResetEra) and shows that the season pass won't just give players access to future DLC. Rather, it will gatekeep anyone with the base game out of accessing a mission from the very first day of launch, a move that's being met with backlash.

"Just as Kay is putting together a crew for the Canto Bight heist, she receives a job from Jabba the Hutt himself," reads the description of the season pass-exclusive mission. "Turns out that ND-5 owes Jabba a debt from years ago, and he has come to collect..."

The season pass will also give players unique cosmetics for Kay and Nix. After launch, it will let you access "two additional narrative expansions", although we don't know what these will centre around, or when they will be released.

While this is not a new practice for Ubisoft, it comes amid a renewed backlash against DLC - particularly day one DLC - in single-player games. This kicked off with Dragon's Dogma 2, which launched alongside microtransactions, something typically found in live service games.

The same can be said for season passes, as these are often used in live services that release content on a staggered basis. However, they have appeared in many single-player games before, letting players pre-order DLC expansions before they've even been revealed. But in this case, we know what the mission is and we know it will be ready for launch day, it's just being withheld from anyone who doesn't buy the season pass.

In any case, Star Wars Outlaws launches on August 30. It will be available three days earlier on August 27 to those who bought the more expensive premium editions, which also include the season pass and extra cosmetic items.

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hope the game flops badly LMAO


Runts Yeah they are soo greedy and can't make a good star wars game to save their life

Hence why games like these get cracked. I wouldn't spend that much. There hella greedy as ****


Yeah they are soo greedy and can't make a good star wars game to save their life