Stumble Guys Gets a Dungeons & Dragons Crossover

Stumble Guys is all about its crossovers with other properties just like so many other games, and this week, it got another major one by partnering with Dungeons & Dragons. This of course means that cosmetics from Dungeons & Dragons have been added to Stumble Guys with different emotes, footsteps, and Stumblers themselves released among other things included in this collab. In the same update, a patch was released that fixed bugs and revamped the game's battle pass system.

While the new D&D-themed Stumblers were an expected part of the crossover, Stumble Guys actually got a new map and gameplay mechanic for this collab, too. In the new "Stumbles & Dragons" level, players can choose between one of four classes: Fighter, Wizard, Rogue, or Cleric.

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a Dungeons & Dragons crossover is certainly a great one fr


Fall guys stumble guys man what's with all these random games and titles lol