Gearbox Has Six Games in the Works, Including a New IP

Gearbox Entertainment is splitting from Embracer Group, with Take-Two Interactive having acquired the Borderlands developer for a sum of $460 million. In a press release announcing the acquisition, the company revealed that Borderlands 4 is in active development at the studio- and it’s one of several games that Gearbox has in the pipeline.

According to Take-Two Interactive, Gearbox has six games “in various stages of development”, of which one is described as as “exciting new intellectual property”. Of the five sequels, one is, of course, the aforementioned Borderlands 4, while another is Homeworld 3, which is set to launch in May. Reports have claimed that Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands 2 is also in development.

What the remaining two sequels are remains to be seen. Gearbox has been talking about developing a new Brothers in Arms game for years at this point, so hopefully for fans of the series, that’s going to be one of the projects.

Shortly after Gearbox’s sale to Take-Two Interactive was announced, it emerged that an unknown number of staff had been laid off by the studio.

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IF they're going to release the 6 not far apart from each other,
I hope they don't rush any of them fr


Damn that is a lot ! I'm sure one or more could get scrapped though