Escape From Tarkov rival Road to Vostok has a new free demo

Road to Vostok, despite resembling gritty survival and extraction shooters like Escape From Tarkov, Day Z, PUBG, and Stalker, manages to stand out from its competition. We’ve been impressed by its blend of these hardnosed influences and its own clever twists on existing genre conventions since the game first appeared on our radar back in 2022. And now, anyone who’s equally intrigued by what Road to Vostok is offering can check out its second public demo, which is available for players to check out for free on Steam right now.

Solo creator and former Finnish soldier ‘Antii’ previously set out to move his survival game from the Unity game engine to Godot, and he’s now looking to see how players feel about the foundational design of the game through Road to Vostok‘s new demo.

In a video overview of Public Demo 2, we can see some of the elements that will be included in the final game, like scavenging supplies, bartering with a trader, modifying weapons, and navigating a stretch of wasteland in the game’s setting, a perilous post-apocalyptic border zone between Finland and Russia. Antii has previously explained that Road to Vostok’s goal will be to fight and gather supplies in a series of wasteland maps before venturing through dangerous border crossings and into Vostok, a permadeath zone where defeat means the loss of everything gathered to that point.

Antii calls the launch of Public Demo 2 “the second major milestone” in Road to Vostok’s creation in the YouTube video above, and says it represents an early ‘vertical slice’ that demonstrates some of his goals for the project.

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will be checking the demo out very soon fr


Oh wow I didn't know this game had a demo for it