Insider Shoots Down Monster Hunter Wilds Rumors

An insider has said that recent "leaks" regarding Monster Hunter Wilds were fake. The leaks claimed that Monster Hunter Wilds would release in Q1 2025, among other things.

Monster Hunter Wilds was officially announced at The Game Awards 2023. Its trailer showcased a harsh desert environment filled with fantastical creatures. Since then, Capcom has not released any additional gameplay, leading fans to grow increasingly eager for more news regarding the anticipated title. It seems that a manipulative fan took advantage of the community's curiosity to spread false information.

Recently, alleged screenshots from Dusk Golem's Discord server claimed to show that the insider had revealed new information about the game. These included claims like Monster Hunter Wilds being Capcom's biggest game ever by far, a fully open-world format, a Q1 2025 release, a Godzilla-like monster, and more. However, Dusk Golem took to their Twitter account to say these messages were not posted by them and were instead faked. For now, it seems like the safest bet is to wait for official news regarding the game.

While the leaks were fabricated, Capcom previously confirmed a 2025 release window for Monster Hunter Wilds. It's possible that Monster Hunter Wilds' 2024 plans don't hold much in store for fans, as Capcom's marketing efforts might stay focused on the recently released Dragon's Dogma 2 for a good chunk of the year. History would suggest that Capcom will release a demo for the next Monster Hunter entry leading up to its release. However, the demos for World and Rise dropped shortly before launch, so Wilds' demo likely won't be seen until 2025.

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people will always spread rumors about other people just to stir the pot


Pretty cool game never tried it yet but have seen vids and stuff