New RPG Cancels Switch Release

The developers behind Broken Roads have confirmed that the Nintendo Switch version of the game has been canceled. Drop Bear Bytes recently gave players an update regarding its upcoming turn-based, post-apocalyptic game Broken Roads, confirming that it will not be brought over to the Nintendo Switch. Broken Roads was intended to launch on the Switch alongside PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One on April 10, 2024, but there now appears to be no plans to bring the game to the Nintendo console. Broken Roads will also be launching on PC through the Epic Games Store, Steam, and GOG.

Since launching back in 2017, the Nintendo Switch has become one of the top choices when it comes to handheld gaming. The Switch's catalog of games continues to grow, but Drop Bear Bytes has reportedly shifted its plans for its latest title, dropping development on the Switch version of Broken Roads entirely.

According to a new report from Gematsu, Drop Bear Bytes has confirmed that a Switch version of Broken Roads has been canceled, with the previously announced version of the game being left out of the most recent announcement. After revealing a release date for Broken Roads, a representative for Drop Bear Bytes confirmed there is now no plan to release the game on the Nintendo Switch, backtracking on the company's original plans. Developer Drop Bear Bytes was founded in 2019 and hails from Victoria, Australia, with Broken Roads being the company's latest project.

What Is Drop Bear Bytes' Broken Roads?
Broken Roads is a turn-based, narrative-driven isometric RPG placed in post-apocalyptic Western Australia. Broken Roads is set to be a gripping experience for players, both in terms of its gameplay and story, which revolves around the complex lives of Australia's remaining inhabitants. Broken Roads will provide players with a balance of engaging action and meaningful story choices. Developers promise that Broken Roads will feature a deep and meaningful morality system called the Moral Compass, which will influence various aspects throughout the game.

These features are nothing new for role-playing games, with other popular RPGs like Mass Effect featuring a morality system for players to interact with. However, Broken Roads' Morality Compass will slot players into four distinct philosophical paths: Humanist, Utilitarian, Machiavellian, and Nihilist, allowing for deep and rewarding gameplay and storyline developments. Drop Bear Bytes promises Broken Roads will offer players a deep and compelling experience, tied together with an authentic Australian setting, unique visuals, and fun gameplay.

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nothing compare to the games which are already out, and will be in the near future


Oh well The switch 2 should release with loads of games