The Witcher 4 Has Over 400 Developers Working on it

As part of its recent quarterly earnings call, CD Projekt revealed a breakdown of all of the projects it currently has in the works, providing updates on what stage of production they are in, and what share of the entire company is working on each of them.

Unsurprisingly, the game that is currently demanding the bulk of CD Projekt’s attention right now is The Witcher 4, or Project Polaris, as it’s currently known. A total of 403 developers are currently working on the game, which is roughly 64 percent of CD Projekt’s entire development workforce. The project is still in pre-production right now, but CD Projekt CEO Adam Badowski confirmed earlier this year that it would be entering full production at some point in 2024.

All the other projects that are currently in the works are in much earlier stages of development. The Cyberpunk sequel, Project Orion, is currently in the concept phase, with a team of 47 people working on. A smaller team of 17 people is also continuing to work on Cyberpunk 2077, but it’s likely that number will continue to shrink in the weeks and months ahead.

Project Sirius, which is The Molasses Flood’s Witcher spinoff (which rebooted development last year), is in pre-production, and has a team of 37 developers working on it. Then there’s Fool’s Theory’s remake of the original Witcher, which is in the concept phase. Since it’s not being internally developed, CD Projekt hasn’t shared the size of the team that’s working on the remake.

Finally, there’s Project Hadar, CDPR’s first original new IP (which is also set to be an RPG). Currently in the “IP concept” stage, it’s being worked on by a team of 20 people.

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hope the game is not rushed though


Man this game might get game of the year of its done right when it drops !