Capcom Wants Dragon's Dogma 2 Players' Opinions on New DLC

Since its launch, Dragon's Dogma 2 has been met with solid critical scores and overwhelming pushback about its choice to include DLC which lets players buy a few key in-game upgrades to speed up progress. In some cases those concerns are overrated (you can't for instance, pay for fast travel as many assumed), but that doesn't make the response any quieter. That said, when used correctly, DLC can help extend a game's life cycle. Considering Dragon's Dogma 2 has such a massive map, most players would probably love to see future DLC expand the story. Recently, developer Capcom launched a new survey asking players how they would feel about buying DLC.

The news was first spotted by Video Games Chronicle, who noticed that Capcom posted a new survey last week asking players several questions about DLC. There aren't any hints about what this DLC might be, but it doesn't read like Capcom is planning more microtransactions. The survey asks players how much they'd be willing to pay for DLC, starting the spending at $10. It's unlikely that Capcom would introduce new MTX that costs that much unless it's another bundle.

Either way, it's clear that Capcom has DLC on its mind, which makes sense. Remember, Dragon's Dogma 2 is four times larger than the original game. With a map this large, the developers will want to get as much out of the work they've done as possible. Finding ways to add content to that massive landscape shouldn't be as work or cost-intensive as creating an entirely new game and will likely be a direction Capcom explores. That doesn't mean fans won't get new content to play through, but Capcom would be smart to make use of as much of their world as is feasible before moving on.

Of course, there's still a ton of content for players to dive into in Dragon's Dogma 2. Some of that content can be incredibly confusing. Capcom doesn't like to hold your hand in this action RPG. If you need some help solving all of the Sphinx riddles or completing the Readvent of Calamity to unlock the Mystic Spearhand, be sure to check out our guides. We'll also show you who to give the Jadeite Orb to so that you maximize your rewards and make a ton of gold.

Dragon's Dogma 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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certainly does depend on what content and what price the DLC is


Idk dlc is usally free now days but that also means it's not as good and not as much love put into it sadly.