2K Confirms The New BioShock Is ‘Cooking’

BioShock Infinite was released 11 years ago this week (it turned 11 on March 26, to be precise) and 2K has teased that yes, the new BioShock game is still very much alive and kicking – or cooking, should we say.

The new BioShock game is currently in development at Cloud Chamber, although there’s a lack of concrete details available right now. However, a report last May claimed that the title has been rebooted numerous times to date, with the most recent reboot coming in summer 2022. It’s also been suggested the game is in development hell.

Meanwhile, back in 2021 a job listing at Cloud Chamber confirmed that the new BioShock would utilise the Unreal Engine 5, and a report in September the following year alleged that it will take place in Antartica. However, that same rumour claimed the project would launch by the end of this year, which is looking highly unlikely.

The new BioShock is currently in development and is without a release date.

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Source: https://www.psu.com/news/2k-confirms-the-new-bioshock-is-cooking-after-bioshock-infinite-celebrates-11th-anniversary/


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2K should be shut down I'm not even going to lie. And bioshock wasn't that good to me


happy days

we are overdue a new bioshock fr


Sometimes I forget these games exist lol