Battlefield 5 Getting Important Feature on April 3

Battlefield 5's development team has confirmed that EA Anti-cheat will be implemented on Wednesday, April 3. This comes as a welcome improvement for many players, as Battlefield 5's resurgence in popularity has highlighted the game's cheating problems.

As Battlefield 2042 continues with attempts to rebuild its status among Battlefield fans, previous titles like Battlefield 1 and Battlefield 5 have shot up in player numbers. At the time of writing, Battlefield2042's Steam player peak over the last 30 days sits at about 43,000 users, Battlefield5 at about 53,000 users, and Battlefield1 at about 19,000 users. While many fans have enjoyed the return to more traditional Battlefield gameplay, they have also been quick to point out the many cheaters that plague the older games. Fortunately, this issue should be partially fixed soon in Battlefield 5.

EA Anti-cheat goes live in Battlefield 5 on Wednesday, April 3, at 4 a.m. EST. Users don't need to do anything special to receive the upgrade other than restart their game. The Battlefield team explained that this transition should enable developers to find and remove violating players more effectively. EA Anti-cheat's introduction is apparently part of an ongoing effort to encourage fair play within the enduring shooter franchise, and fans can expect further improvements going forward. No word was given on whether Battlefield 1 could receive a similar upgrade in the future.

EA Anti-cheat is a kernel-level system that helps combat modern cheating software. In 2023, Battlefield 2042 received the same upgrade. Users reported noticeable improvements in cheating prevalence, although exploiters are still seen in the game from time to time. EA's FAQ on the anti-cheat explains that it's designed to be as "performant and lightweight as possible" and should have no effect on a real player's gameplay.

Some users might be hesitant to download a kernel-level anti-cheat due to privacy concerns, similar to Riot's Vanguard anti-cheat and its controversy. However, EA claims that EA Anti-cheat only runs when a user is playing an EA Anti-cheat-enabled game and that the system can only scan processes that interact with said game. Furthermore, it's likely that most Battlefield 5 fans have already downloaded one or more kernel-level systems if they play other modern multiplayer shooters.

As fans continue playing the franchise's more solid titles, they also hesitantly await news regarding the next Battlefield title. Recent signs haven't been so positive, as an ex-Battlefield director criticized EA for its handling of the franchise. Work on the next mainline title has undergone significant restructuring over the past months, including the total shutdown of Ridgeline Games, which was working on the next Battlefield single-player project. However, some of its employees were reassigned to Ripple Effect (f.k.a. DICE LA) where this work might be continued.

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I kind of gave up on the BF games after the 4th one.


about time they're adding this fr


Glad they are doing this I love BF5 glad it's still active! Way better than BF2042 imo