Star Fox Level Viewer Pulled From Source Code

A level viewer for Star Fox has been extracted from the game's source code thanks to the efforts of a hacker known as Jdrocks450 / bisquick.

The hacker has created a custom tool which allows full level models in the game to be viewed from various angles and distances.

It's not currently possible to export the 3D models in a usable format, but @kandowontu thinks it might be possible in the future.

Star Fox was the first SNES game to use the Super FX chip for real-time 3D visuals. It was followed by Star Fox 2, which remained unreleased until the arrival of the SNES Classic Edition. Sequels include Star Fox 64, Star Fox Command and Star Fox: Assault.

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People don't have anything else better to do ??


always amazes me for these hackers finding ways to get source codes etc from older games nowadays