Days Gone Developer’s Next Title Could be Live Service

With Sony not releasing any major new titles for its existing PlayStation franchises before April 2025, all eyes are on the new IPs and third-party games. This could include Bend Studio’s next project, a new open-world triple-A IP that “builds on the deep open-world systems” from Days Gone.

While multiplayer is already confirmed, it may also be a live service title. A new job listing for Lead Project Manager at the studio includes responsibilities like “Lead our agile strategy and processes in alignment with our studio goals, the specific needs of our teams, and key phases of development (pre-production, production, live services)” under Agile Coaching.

Requirements like a “deep understanding” of the latest trends with an “emphasis on live operations” and “Hands-on game development experience in leadership roles shipping triple-A live service games” are also listed. Finally, “Experience redefining studios from traditional ‘boxed product’ focused game development into live service development studios in a key leadership role” is noted as a “plus” to have.

Sony has spoken about plans to release ten live-service titles by March 2026. However, it’s since seen several cancellations like The Last of Us Online, a fantasy title from the now-shuttered SIE London, and a rumored Twisted Metal game.

Bend Studio hasn’t revealed too many details about the project, though it tweeted earlier this year that it’s “cooking.” As always, stay tuned for further updates.

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The game is sadly bad it just is so boring and I don't see the second one being much better


"could be"?

so they are sitting there with their thinking hats on ask "is this really going to be worth it?"

should keep the SP and MP options on games like TLOU, Days Gone etc fr