Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights Has Sold Over 1.4 Million Copies

With Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist available for PC via Steam Early Access, Binary Haze Interactive also announced in a press release that Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights has sold over 1.4 million copies. Its last milestone was selling over one million copies as of February 2023.

Available since June 2021 for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, Ender Lilies tells the story of Lily, a mysterious youth who awakens in the ruins of Land’s End. A sinister rain has turned its citizens into the Blighted, and she must discover the truth to survive. By purifying different individuals, Lily can wield their abilities in battle, from magic to melee skills and archery.

Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights features a Metroidvania-like structure with various Relics and upgrades to discover. It received extensive acclaim for its visuals, combat and soundtrack, and currently has a Metascore of 86 on PC.

As for Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist, early access offers the first third of the game with various bosses, enemies, skills and more to experience. It’s planned to exit early access this year and launch for Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch in addition to PC. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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1.4 million is a lot congrats to them for that achievement on sales !


congrats to them hitting that much sales

does look like a cool fun game to play