New Sonic the Hedgehog Game Leaks Online

While Sonic the Hedgehog fans already have a lot to look forward to this year, it seems Sega has an unannounced game in the works. The new game is called Sonic Toys Party, and it will have an online multiplayer focus. Players will be able to choose skins based on classic Sega characters like Tails, Dr. Robotnik, Knuckles, Amy, and the blue blur himself. In addition to familiar faces from previous games, players can also expect returning areas. In a leaked video, iconic Sonic locations such as Green Hill and Chemical Plant Zone can be seen.

The leaked video of Sonic Toys Party was shared on Twitter by @SonicStadium, and can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Sonic Toys Party Details
In the video, we can see that matches will have 32 players competing at once, and there seem to be skin variants, including a version of Sonic wearing a top hat. Sonic Toys Party seems to have a lot in common with Fall Guys, which is something Sega leaker Midori reported back in January. Obviously, there will be a number of differences between the two games; Sonic Toys Party will feature classic Sonic elements, including Badniks to beat, Rings to snag, and loops to run through.

It's unclear if Sonic Toys Party will be a mobile exclusive, or if it will be available on consoles, as well. Sega has a habit of keeping its mobile and console games separate, which is something we saw last year with Sonic Dream Team. That particular game was an Apple Arcade exclusive, but it would make more sense for Sega to make Sonic Toys Party widely available. Online games can only thrive if they find a wide audience, and making the game available on as many platforms as possible would help. Hopefully Sega won't wait too long before revealing official details, including where the game will be playable.

Sonic in 2024
While we don't know if Sonic Toys Party will be coming to console, Sonic fans on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox do have something to look forward to in 2024. Sonic x Shadow Generations is set to release later this year, and will be an expanded remake of one of the most beloved Sonic games ever.

In addition to Sonic video games, there will also be some live-action entertainment available. Next month will see the release of the Knuckles TV series on Paramount+. The series will feature several returning characters from the movies, bridging the gap between Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog 3. Sonic 3 is currently slated to release in December next year, and will put a heavy focus on Shadow. Shadow won't be the lone antagonist in the movie, as Dr. Robotnik will return, once again played by actor Jim Carrey.

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