Grounded 1.4 Update Adds New Game Plus

Recently, developer Obsidian Entertainment revealed that it's bringing its previously Xbox-exclusive survival game Grounded to PlayStation and Switch consoles later this year. That's great news for players on those platforms, but today Obsidian delivered exciting news for fans on every console. Alongside Grounded's launch on new platforms, Obsidian is dropping a chunky new patch that includes at least one feature fans have been asking about for years. Importantly, the update will come to all platforms at launch, so if you're just hopping in on PlayStation or Switch, you'll have access to it right away.

The Fully Yoked Update is chock full of new features for Grounded fans. Among the most important is the often-requested New Game Plus Mode. Players will be able to remix their backyard with unique challenges. To unlock the mode, players will need to take down four different bosses (Broodmother, Mantis, Wasp Queen, and the Javamatic fight). Once that's taken care of, players can jump into an alternate dimension courtesy of Wendell's REMIX.R machine.

New Game Plus backyards will include "different creature spawns, tougher bosses, and a host of eerie anomalies and hidden secrets in these otherworldly dimensions." Enemies will be infused with "the essence of Raw Science," which gives them new abilities, in addition to making them faster and stronger. If you can take them down, you'll earn new gear with all kinds of new ways to enhance your character.

Every backyard will also have new royalty to meet. This feature isn't connected to New Game Plus, so everyone will be able to meet up with the three Ant Queens who rule over the different ant colonies. You'll need to decide how they want to interact with the Queen, which will shape the rewards you get and how the colony reacts to you. Obsidian teases that those decisions can have far-ranging implications. That's likely a hint that befriending one colony will make the other two come after you.

Players will be happy to learn that Update 1.4 will also add full Japanese voiceovers to Grounded. It'll also implement cross-play between all consoles, making it easy to jump in with friends. There are also new achievements, a mutation, twelve new buildings, and baby ant pets. It sounds like the perfect update for veteran fans to get back into Grounded alongside all of the new players.

When is Update 1.4 Coming to Grounded?
The Fully Yoked update is coming to Grounded on the same day that Obsidian brings the game to PlayStation and Switch platforms. That means you can mark your calendar for April 16th for Update 1.4. It's also worth noting that, if you're interested in picking up a physical copy of Grounded, Limited Run Games recently opened up pre-orders to grab a copy for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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New game plus is only fun for a minute and that's still only on certain games


was wondering when they were going to do a new game plus with this

glad they have done so with the recent update