Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide DLC Release Date Set

The Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide DLC release date has been revealed and the game’s second premium expansion will arrive as early as next month. The DLC will be released alongside a free update for the game that will also add a variety of quality-of-life changes for all players.

The Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide DLC release date
The Rising Tide will be released on April 18. The DLC will be available separately for $19.99 or as part of the Expansion Pass that also includes the previously released Echoes of the Fallen expansion. Those who purchase either the DLC or the Expansion Pass will receive bonus in-game items: a reimagined version of the “Curtana” signature weapon and two background music Orchestrion Rolls called “Torn from the Heavens” and “Through the Maelstrom.”

Set before the end of Final Fantasy XVI, The Rising Tide begins when an unmarked letter arrives at the hideaway. Clive and his companions must travel to Mysidia to rescue the Dominant of Leviathan, the long-lost Eikon of Water. To accommodate the new content, the game’s level cap is being raised to level 60 for the first playthrough and level 110 in New Game+.

Mysidia is a new area that is “a lost oasis untouched by the ever-encroaching Blight.” New side stories will reveal more lore about the area and its residents, but this means facing new threats like the tonberries that are located in a new stage, the ruined Aire of Hours. This is also where Clive will take on the Leviathan.

New ally Shula will be “an invaluable ally on Clive’s journey to rescue Leviathan’s Dominant.” However, his main advantage will be the new Eikonic Abilities of Leviathan the Lost where he can control surrounding water to drown enemies. The Serpent’s Cry feat can also summon a sea-spitting serpent that will strike precision damage at distant enemies.

Once the DLC and main game have been completed, the new Kairos Gate end-game mode will become available. Players take on 20 increasingly difficult stages filled with waves of enemies. Points are rewarded for battle performance and these can be used alongside new materials and weapons to upgrade Clive’s abilities.

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will be looking forward to the DLC alright :lipbite:


As many games as they have I don't even wanna guess how much dlc they all have