Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero ESRB Rating Supports 2024 Release

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero's official website has been updated with an age rating from the ESRB, which supports the idea that it might launch in 2024.

Ever since it was announced that Dragon Ball fans would finally be getting their wish to Shenron granted with a new Budokai Tenkaichi game, there's been one big question on everyone's mind - when will it launch? That's sadly something that's been hard to gauge, as there have been multiple rumours suggesting it could be released in 2024 or, more depressingly, be saved until next year.

Although the official Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero trailers and website have usually been incredibly unhelpful at determining when we'll get our hands on the game (that Wishlist Now message will be the bane of my existence until we know the proper date), that's finally changed following the release of the most recent trailer.

As pointed out by Twitter user janemba8000, the official website for Sparking Zero has been updated to include an official age rating from the ESRB, which reveals that the game will be rated T for Teen. That's very standard for a Dragon Ball game and nothing super noteworthy, but the fact it's been given an age rating is a good sign for the game launching this year.

Up until now, Sparking Zero has been shown with a "Rating Pending" from the ESRB, but the fact that it's been given one indicates that it's mostly content complete, or at least that the developers are sure of what's going to be in the game and have submitted it for review. We still don't know where it's at in its development cycle, but the rating does seem to hint that it's in a good place and isn't too far from launching.

That doesn't mean that Sparking Zero is going to be released in the next few months like some fans are hoping, but it does at least make 2024 seem more likely than 2025. My personal guess is that we'll either see it launch in October like every other Budokai Tenkaichi game, or in November for Dragon Ball's 40th anniversary.

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great to know, but more likely Nov/Dec release :lipbite:


We need more DBZ skins to go on fortnite they look soo clean and done well