Final Fantasy 16’s PC Port Will Launch Alongside Both Expansions

Final Fantasy 16’s PC port has been in the works for a while, with producer Naoki Yoshida confirming earlier this month that it was in the final stages of optimization. And though a specific release date for the port has yet to be unveiled, in a recent interview with Famitsu, Yoshida provided further details on what to expect.

More specifically, Yoshida has confirmed that both of Final Fantasy 16’s expansions – Echoes of the Fallen and the upcoming The Rising Tide – will also be available to PC audiences when the game launches on the platform. According to Yoshida, Square Enix will offer “several versions” of the game, one of which will include both expansions. Presumably, this edition will be costlier than purchasing just the base game.

Meanwhile, Yoshida also reiterated that prior to Final Fantasy 16’s PC launch, Square Enix will also be sharing more information on its system specifications, in addition to releasing a free demo.

Recently, plenty of new details were unveiled on the action RPG’s second and final paid expansion, The Rising Tide. Due out for PS5 on April 18, it will take players to a new location in Mysidia, where Clive and company will be taking on Leviathan in battle. The expansion will also feature a new endgame survival mode, and its release will be accompanied by a new free update for the base game.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy 14’s crossover quest with Final Fantasy 16 will go live on April 2.

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great to know they're being released along side each other


That's crazy there going on almost there 20th game lmao