Soulframe Gets New Trailer Showcasing Gameplay and Story

Developer Digital Extremes has released a new trailer for its upcoming multiplayer action RPG Soulframe, showing off a bit of gameplay in the process. The trailer, which you can check out below, shows off some pre-alpha gameplay.

Along with gameplay, the trailer also gives us hints of the game’s story through what seems to be an in-universe poem recited over footage of some of the different play styles that will be available in the game, from sneaking around to engaging in all-out attacks.

Having been in development for quite some time, Soulframe got an early test back in December. The test featured a section of the game’s main island, complete with dungeons to fight through. Players were also allowed some experimentation with customization options and progression systems.

The game got a more in-depth gameplay demo showcase back in August 2023, which gave us a good look at some of its environments, boss fights, and most importantly, the combat

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love the dupe news articles

keep them coming :lipbite:


Same article posted twice. Trailer looks good though !